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THE KILLER THRILLER BAND and the "Killerettes" trio of blonde bombshells came together for the first ThrillerFest convention and their debut at the inaugural Thriller Awards show of International Thriller Writers after weeks of email exchanges and less than eight hours of rehearsal at the Arizona Biltmore venue in Phoenix.

Producer Bob Levinson makes suggestions to (among others) Killerette Alexandra Sokoloff, John Lescroart, Michael Palmer, and Nathan Walpow; Levinson tries out his empty water bottle flute on Dave Simms (left) and Scott Nicholson, whose musical know-how were instrumental (no pun intended) in helping make the Killer Thriller Band happen.
Levinson and his dazzling Killerettes, from left: Heather Graham, Harley Jane Kozak, Alex Sokoloff; Working out some chorus riffs for John Lescroart on "Can't Buy Me Love." the number that opened the show.
Break time for, from left, harmonica virtuoso Daniel Palmer, rhythm guitarist Nathan Walpow, and Michael Palmer, who contributed vocals and harmonica magic in addition to pounding the bongos and congas; Michael and F. Paul Wilson, one of two Killer Thriller Band drummers.
Yep, that's International Thriller Writers Co-President David Morrell on the electric keyboard; a final runthrough and soundcheck on the Arizona Biltmore stage a couple hours before the ballroom filled for the first Thriller Awards show 

And another, larger view. Visible, from left, "Killerettes" Heather Graham, Harley Jane Kozak, Alexandra Sokoloff, Scott Nicholson, John Lescroart, Daniel Palmer, David Morrell, Blake Crouch, Dave Simms, Michael Palmer. Band members out of view: Gayle Lynds, Nathan Walpow, F. Paul Wilson.

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