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Edgar Awards for 2003

Bob, wide-eyed over meeting newly-anointed Grand Master Ira Levin, and whispering something to pull a smile from pal S.J. Rozan, who minutes earlier was revealed as winner of this year's Best Novel Edgar.
Bob and New York Fire Marshal Robert W. Greene, a real-life hero who was on the front lines that horrible 9-11 day. He honored MWA be joining the cast of awards presenters.
Clive Cussler and Ed McBain/Evan Hunter, international favorites who added great class and distinction to the Edgar Awards show I had the privilege and pleasure of writing and producing this year.

MWA's office manager, the marvelous Margery Flax, Law & Order's Jerry Orbach, who emceed the Awards show, Bob, Elaine Orbach.
The coveted Edgar statuette
Margaret Maron, also a distinguished presenter, with the show's associate producer, Sandra Levinson. (That's a job Sandra handled during the years Bob was writing and producing shows for TV...)
Bob conferring before the Edgars show with presenter John Astin, who's been wowing audiences for years with his one-man show about Edgar Allen Poe.
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