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Groups and individuals who are making a difference including ways and places you may assist as well.

Gays and lesbians are faced with a plethora of issues when the concept of adoption rolls around --- whether adopting a partner's child or a non-familial adoption, whether jointly or singly ... here you will find the information, laws, stories, trials and tribulations.

Resources for bisexuals, their relatives and their friends. Some issues are the same and some issues are different. There is a cure for ignorance.

We have some favorites we'd like to tell you about.  Some fiction, some non-fiction, all selected because they have been read, been enjoyed and been valuable.

Campus Life
GLBT Centers, Studies, Stories - if it happens on a campus, you'll find it here. Annotated Links for GLBT Campus Life, including programs, groups and centers.

Coming Out - Being Out - Outing
How important is being out? Is Outing right? Are YOU out? How can you come out? Reflections on these and other related issues. We have Coming Out stories and resources. 

There are many words and phrases which are used by GLBT affirming individuals and those who fight against equal rights. We need to know what these words mean in order to both use them properly and fight against those who would misuse language to harm us.

Information on GLBT television, radio and webcasts. 

All the facts you need to decide for yourself the truth of the matter --- and whether the "Therapy" is helpful or harmful.

In one manner or another we all have and/or have families.  Some recognized by law, others only by love.  Stories and legal resources about our families and also about working towards ensuring that all forms of our families are recognized.

Free Stuff
These places offer free services and/or information merely for registering.  Better yet, supporting them helps support Gay/Lesbian Issues.  Talk about a win-win situation!  Including the best selection of coupons ever!

Graphics & Clip Art
Spruce up your site, life, walls, or just enjoy these queer positive images.

Health & Science
Is there a gay gene?  What about HIV and AIDS?  Why are people gay and/or lesbian?  All the questions you weren't afraid to ask, but you couldn't find the answers.

Health Products
Vitamins and others supplements to aid weight loss, increase energy, reduce symptoms of menopause and aging, help you stop smoking, increase virility, sexual response, and many of your other concerns! 

A compilation of our history as it relates to who were are, our lives, and the equal rights we continue to seek.  Oh yes, and a look at gays and lesbians throughout history, including culturally.

We're starting to collect the best of GBLT positive/affirming/related positions out there.  Submit  if you have one (or more), review the listings if you need one.  It's not sophisticated, but it's real.

Military Issues: Support and Information
Thinking of joining and want to know what it's really like? Afraid of getting caught? Caught and need help? Need friends who understand? Look here.

Money: Ways to Make It Online
No gimmicks, no tricks, just a few places where one can really make a little money here or there.  Very little, but even a little can be donated to a worthy cause.

What are our rights, what are our options, what are our stories with our children. In divorces? In former relationships? As parents in general? How does who we are affect us: As families? In interaction with our families?

Personals and Matchmaking
We have scavenged the net to find the best places for you to find the man or woman (or men and women) of your dreams.  From mundane to exotic, vanilla to extreme, you'll find your match at one of these places.

Politics and Political Issues
Activist Organizations, Hate crimes, Organizations, Government Resources, Laws & Decisions, Thoughts and Theories and more. 

Polling Center
Take a moment to vote on the current poll, and any of the previous polls you might have missed.

Pope Watch
Those who had hope for the new Pope becoming more "reaching out" as he took on his new position are finding themselves to have been hoping in vain.  We continue to keep an eye on the Pope.  

What they've said.  Quotes both by and about us,  from friends and foes alike.

Our lives, our loves, the laws and issues that relate to trying to make it in a world set up for boy/girl couple and coupling.  Marriage.  Dating.  Cohabitation. Domestic Partners.

Religion & Religious Issues
Whether you are looking for religiously like minded people, answers to age-old questions, or responses to the religious arguments used against us, this is the place to start.

Keep up to date with the issues surrounding Scouting, and the BSA's policies of active discrimination.

We don't disappear when we age, here are some groups and organizations for those of us who aren't "cute young things" anymore. 

Sex, Erotica & Sexual Issues
Exactly what it says  --- what's taking you so long to click? Enjoy both the politics and the pleasures.

It has to be done, so do it with as much GLBT flair as you are able to muster!  Get your gifts and goodies here - and the rest of what you're seeking from the broken out sections below:

Not all T* issues are parallel to gay and lesbian issues.  But some are, and some T* people are also gay or  lesbian.

Places to go, things to do, people to see.  Information on the wheres, hows and whys of travel.

Trivia & Other Fun
All work and no play makes all of us dull folks.

Ways to Make Money Online
No gimmicks, no tricks, just a few places where one can really make a little money here or there.  Very little, but even a little can be donated to a worthy cause.

Words: Publications and More
The magazines, newspapers, journals and other writings that reflect our world, thoughts and feelings

Workplace: General Information
Fired for being gay? It's still happening. What can we do when this happens? No benefits for your other half? Do you find yourself using gender neutral pronouns when discussing your weekend activities and/or staying away from company functions?

Youth: Statistics & Information
Sexuality and orientation don't neatly wait for us until we're of "legal" age.  Don't be mislead.  Have the facts at your disposal.

Youth: School Resources
Thoughts and resources for those working to promote safe schools for all youth.

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