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Welcome to Gay/Lesbian Issues where we discuss all that's right, wrong and indifferent in the world. Sometimes Serious. Sometimes Playful. Always interesting.

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robe de mariée
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Gay Travel Resources
So many trips, so little time - a lot of GLBT travel destinations and businesses have sadly gone out of business. Our travel section is updated, and I'm looking for your suggestions for worthy additions.

Guest Feature: Taking Cover
Jamie Dailey, a viewpoint writer for The Cavalier Daily shares his take on "Don't Ask Don't Tell" concluding, "“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is an antiquated, discriminatory military policy."

Don't Ask Don't Tell
Many important updates - don't miss them! Internal survey leaked; important decision in California, and much, much, more.  Important Note to Service Personnel: Do NOT come out (yet).

Updates on Marriage Equality - California!
So, while the once-and-future governor, Jerry Brown, and the current governor, the Govinator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  would like an immediate implementation of the court ruling which decreed Proposition 8 a violation of the federal constitution, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, does not support gay marriage. For shame.  It may not be politically expedient for the President to support equal rights for all,  but it is morally repugnant that he does not. Separate is not equal, a concept in which our President should be very aware.

Laura Schlessinger - And She's Gone! (I doubt it.)
My thoughts are simple:   Laura, who is not a "Dr." anything, has the right to be stupid, even on the radio. It will be interesting seeing what her next incarnation is - and how she will play the martyr this time. G/d knows, she's played it before. She's almost the Sarah Bernhardt of martyrdom.

Marriage Rights in D.C.
HRC reports on this advance in our right to marry.

2010 - August
Prop 8 Ruling

The entire text of the brilliantly authored ruling.

Don't miss this very well-written discussion of the Prop 8 ruling, and what it means. I wish I had written it myself.

Site Announcement
As so many of you are aware, gMail has become a quagmire of spam, so sometimes the important email gets lost in the shuffle. I've just gone through, literally, thousands of pieces of email, deleting the spam, and saving the notes and updates.  Slowly but surely I will make all the requested changes and modifications. Thank you all for your diligence in sending me information about links and sites. Any errors are mine not of the organizations themselves.  In the interim, if you want to reach out to me quickly, don't forget to join our Facebook group, and/or send me a message via Facebook.

BOOK REVIEW - and a lesson in life
A story of my own, and then a review of "Over the Course of a Lifetime" by J.G. Woodward.

Gay/Lesbian Issues Bookstore
In affiliation with Amazon - please shop via this link to help support this site.

Take Action Now - AFA Continues its Hate Campaign!
The American Family Association bought an hour of air-time on local network TV this Saturday to air a special on "the radical homosexual agenda."

Guest Feature: Not Coming Out
Ace Baxter shares why one can't always come out - and asks for your input. An except: Most people have a distinct memory of ‘finding out they were gay’ which I never had…I never really ‘found out’. I realize that’s odd, but so are most things until you understand them. I honestly believe that everything is possible, I always did, so when I heard stories where mommies and daddies loved each other, I never once doubted that mommies and mommies, or vice versa daddies and daddies could be together. I mean really, why not? As I grew up my thinking obviously did too, but the basics stayed the same. As a great person once said: I’m attracted to people, not genders.

News From Florida
Organizations United Together, a new federation of local lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and allied local organizations held its first meeting on Saturday, January 24, 2009, in Orlando, Florida.    Nearly 100 local leaders from across the state met to share information, network, and strategize together.

Marriage in California
A history...Okay, we don't start back with the Pueblos, but a lot has happened in the past 30 years plus. Being updated regularly so don't forget to check back.  Let's not forget to revisit Loving v. Virginia.

Salon Asks:
Where have all the drag queens gone? The campy spectacle has lost favor with a generation of young gay men. Can RuPaul's new reality show bring it back

Make a Difference (Gifts to Yourself!) 
Give yourself the gift of reaching out and trying to make a difference. How many times have you looked up and said, "That's not right, why did they do that?" or "How can they get away with that?" or "Hey, I'm a voter too, what about me?" but haven't gone beyond that.

It's not too late - find a special gift for that special someone, or treat yourself! You know you deserve it!

Ask an Expert
New answers to more questions on sexuality, relationships, life, and "lifestyle" issues. 


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