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Prop 8 Trial
Defenders of Prop 8 are using arguments long ago proven to be factually and historically inaccurate. While an uninformed populace may believe them - or choose to suspend disbelief in support of their own personal prejudices, we need to hope that the Court will not be so easily swayed, or mislead.  Live blogging here.  More on equal marriage rights here.

Gays in the Military
Updated to include all that Obama has hasn't done since he took office on this important issue of equal rights.

Campbell's Soup's New Ad
Gays are still good business. Wildmon and the AFA are annoyed. Happy Holidays indeed!

Obama and Rick Warren
Anti-Choice and Anti-Equal rights for queers. Yuppers. That's exactly the type of change I was seeking. And people wonder why my "Clinton" bumper sticker is still on my car....a friend of mine suggests - how about the Grand Duke of the KKK for Keynote speaker. Just another point of view, right?

Equal Treatment is Good Business
Hubbell Incorporated, a Connecticut-based electrical equipment manufacturer, expanded its comprehensive non-discrimination policy to include gender identification at the urging of socially responsible portfolio management company, NorthStar Asset Management, Inc.

Election 2008
Keep your eyes open as we start to take a look at the major, and minor candidates and laws we'll be voting on as we look towards 2008.  No, it's not too late to start looking at the candidates for the US Presidential election in 2008, their views on issues affecting the civil rights of gay and lesbians across the country. We'll also be looking at local races where able, along with ballot measures and other things of which nightmares (or dreams) are made.

A Blow for Equality
On December 14, 2006, the New Jersey legislature passed two bills which will help to ensure equal civil rights and liberties for its gay and lesbian residents, and also afford employment protections for any citizen with non-traditional gender identification.

Make a Difference (Gifts to Yourself!) 
Give yourself the gift of reaching out and trying to make a difference. How many times have you looked up and said, "That's not right, why did they do that?" or "How can they get away with that?" or "Hey, I'm a voter too, what about me?" but haven't gone beyond that.

Let's Once Again Deja Homo Again Some More For the Holidays Redux Anon from Afar One More Time!
Our annual holiday update, from me and mine, to you and yours.

Foley Update
Add Foley - Our original quote is what the site originally said. The site now has a more detailed statement, which instead of merely praising Foley, they decide that perhaps he should be buried. The original link leads to the updated statement.

Apparently Congressional representatives who are sexually interested in minors are suddenly all right with the National Center for Missing and Exploited children. A  new way to get little things to you quickly. This time we see what the U.S. Government's priority really is. Terrorism? Guess again.

Tom Cruise is Still Not Gay
I don't know about you, but I am amazed at the lengths Tom Cruise will go to establish he's not gay.

Let's Once Again Deja Homo Again Some More For the Holidays Redux Anon from Afar
Our annual holiday feature. Enjoy. 

Sheryl Swoopes
WNBA star comes out - what does it mean in general, and for women's basketball?

Katrina Aid
Salvation Army continues to say, "GLBT folks, take care of yourselves."  We do have alternatives for you, however.

Love In Action Co-Founder: "My Ministry Shatters Lives"
Wayne Besen, Co-founder of ministry that runs teen "ex-gay" boot camp, says group shatters lives and can cause suicide.

West Virginia Comes Through
There is cause to rejoice, the West Virginia Supreme Court awarded custody of a 5 year old boy to his biological mother's surviving "partner."

Colorado Comes Through
The Colorado Legislature passes a measure that would ban discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees while refusing  to push forward an anti-gay amending to the state constitution.

Health Insurance Crises
Too many go without including a higher percentage of gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender adults

Toys R For Everybody
Toys "R" Us greatly expands its non-discrimination policies to include transgender and is on track towards providing domestic partnership benefits.

Six Feet Under: Out of Burial Site, Out of Mind?
San Diego Bishop refuses Catholic Funeral Service for Gay Club Owner, then later reverses himself but it's too little, too late.

Back to the Chapel
Marriage is back on for gay and lesbian couples in California as a Judge rules that the state definition of marriage as "a relationship between a man and a woman" is unconstitutional. 

Don't Ask Don't Tell Don't .... Oops!

More and more high ranking military voices call for an end to the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

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