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Election 2008

No, it's not too late to start looking at the candidates for the US Presidential election in 2008, their views on issues affecting the civil rights of gay and lesbians across the country. We'll also be looking at local races where able, along with ballot measures and other things of which nightmares (or dreams) are made.

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  • announced

    • Hillary Clinton

    • Charles Dodd

    • John Edwards

    • Dennis John Kucinich
      Democrat Congressman representing the 10th District of Ohio

    • Barack Obama

    • Bill Richardson

    • Tom Vilsack
      Democrat Governor of Iowa


  • unannounced

    • Evan Bayh

    • Joe Biden

    • Wesley Kanne Clark

    • Tom Daschle

    • Christopher Dodd

    • Al Gore

    • John Kerry

    • Bill Richardson

    • Mark Warner



  • announced

    • Duncan Hunter

  • unannounced

    • Sam Brownbeck

      • One of the sponsors of the proposed amendment to ban gay marriage. A favorite of the far religious right wing. He wants to "protect the family" from a "withering attack."
    • Newt Gingrich

      • Who doesn't remember Newt?
    • James S. Gilmore

      • Gay Marriage - The National Review gives Gilmore,  an "F" on the issue of gay marriage. By way of comparison to other then governors, Schwarzenegger of California had a "D." Rell of Connecticut had a "C." Vilsack of Iowa a "B." Baldacci of Maine an "A."

        Grades were based upon, " whether they sign or veto legislation regarding homosexuality. They also receive grades based on their public opinions expressed on homosexual issues."

        Full Chart

    • Rudolph Giuliani

      • Gay Marriage - In 2004 Giuliani came out against President's Bush's call for a ban against gay marriage stating he could "not support a ban at this time. Some of us remember that when Giuliani separated from his wife he took up residence with friends of his, a couple --- two men.

        Would he change his stance for reasons of political expediency?

    • Chuck Hagel

      • Opposes abortion rights other than when the "life of the mother is in danger."
    • Mike Huckabee

      • As governor signed a ban on the ill-named "partial birth abortion."
    • John McCain

      • Gay Marriage - Believes it's an issue best left up to the states. While in the Senate McCain voted "No" on a constitutional ban of same-sex marriage.

      • Hate Crimes - While in the Senate McCain voted no on extending the definition of hate crimes to include sexual orientation.

      • Job Protection - Voted no on prohibiting job discrimination based upon sexual orientation.

      • The ACLU gives McCain a 9% rating


    • George Pataki

      • Gay Marriage - Oppose

      • Equal Rights - Support

        While Republican Governor Pataki opposes same-sex marriage, he has taken incremental steps to support lesbian and gay rights, including protecting gay relationships, in recent years.
        Read more in the Gotham Gazette

    • Mitt Romney

      • Opposes "Gay Marriage" but otherwise claims to support equal rights for gay and lesbians. In a Q&A session with The National Review Online Romney answered the following question on Gay Marriage / Equal Rights:

        Lopez: As you know, in recent days the Boston Globe and the New York Times, as well as the Boston newspaper, Bay Windows, have run pieces about your 1994 race against Ted Kennedy and your run for governor that appear to be in conflict with your current position against gay marriage. Are they?

        Gov. Romney: These old interviews and stories have frequently been circulated by my opponents ever since I took a stand against the Massachusetts supreme-court ruling on same-sex marriage. This being the political season, it is not surprising this old news has appeared again. But I have made clear since 2003, when the supreme court of Massachusetts redefined marriage by fiat, that my unwavering advocacy for traditional marriage stands side by side with a tolerance and respect for all Americans.

        Like the vast majority of Americans, Iíve opposed same-sex marriage, but Iíve also opposed unjust discrimination against anyone, for racial or religious reasons, or for sexual preference. Americans are a tolerant, generous, and kind people. We all oppose bigotry and disparagement. But the debate over same-sex marriage is not a debate over tolerance. It is a debate about the purpose of the institution of marriage and it is a debate about activist judges who make up the law rather than interpret the law.

        I agree with 3,000 years of recorded history. I believe marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman and I have been rock solid in my support of traditional marriage. Marriage is first and foremost about nurturing and developing children. Itís unfortunate that those who choose to defend the institution of marriage are often demonized.

        [Deborah Notes: While our regular visitors know that Romney misstates what 3,000 years of "recorded history" teach us about same sex marriage, that he is willing to take a stand unpopular amongst part of his natural basis, and support equal civil rights for all. I've highlighted the pertinent portion lest it get lost in the anti-marriage rhetoric.

    • Tommy Thompson


  •  Independent
    Ralph Nader
    Bob W. Hargis
  • Green
  • Libertarian
  • Constitution



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