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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Ron

On Friday night, one day before our National (Irish) Coming out day, I went out on the piss with one of my best friends. I had been gearing up to tell him for weeks, dropping hits the whole time, even blathering on about National Coming Out day... I think he was wise to me.. ;)

Anywho, we were guzzling away the drink (yumie Heineken), just the 2 of us, when this woman with huge tits (his words, not mine:) walks past. He practically chokes on his Bulmers, and gasps for breath - while trying to recover from his embarrasly evident hormones. He whispers to me how huge her breasts are, etc.. etc :) I paid no attention @ all, just sniggered, then commented 'yeh.... ok .. am, just how hetrosexual do you think I am?" (orignal, I know.. reverse psychology... great in'it :)

This is a copy of the conversation that insued! R is me, J is him

J: Ronan... are you trying to tell me something?
R: Am.. am... ... I need a drink. (one tequila later)
J: *snigger* Are you gay or something?
R: OR SOMETHING??!?! WHATDOYAMEAN ORSOMETHING! I AM!!!! (really loudly in a crowded pub)
J: hahahahahahah. Grand.
R: I need another drink. (cant remember what I got then)
R: Are you ok with it?
J: Yeh grand :) Thanks for trusting me.
R: A toast! to.. hmmm.. I know! Homosexuality! (where's that damned drink gone)
J: yeh sure. To homosexuality!
R: Cheers !

We talked for ages.. I asked him was he ok with it @ all, he was great about it. He even went as far as to offer to find out the number of a gay guy he used work with (who's now in London) and let me get in contact with me, if I wanted someone to talk to. so.. WAHOO! I cant believe I was so worried about it.. we talked for hours about, everything! We touched on some many subjects. He was really understanding and supportive. We finally got home @ about 2ish. Next day we had a party in his house, went to niteclub, came back pissed, watched 'Dusk til dawn' - brilliant film (banned in ireland..;) Slept on the couch in his house. We both got a bus the next day to Maynooth to see some people - even went 2 Dublin for a few hours. I finally got home on Tuesday night. Coming out day for me, lasted from Friday, til Tuesday.

Although only a select few actually know now (my parents don't)I feel much better now. Free in fact. I don't feel the need to tell everyone and anyone, I'm a private person, but it was important to get it out of my system. And I did! so yay!

I had imagined so many scenarios, most of them negative, that would occur when I told them, I was really worried and worked up about the whole thing.. but I had no reason to be, and my mind had imagined the worse. In reality, it could not have went better. There blind acceptenace of me has strenghtened our friendships, and it something I'll always be grateful to them for. I'm off to a good start, and I have more coinfidence now, to tell more people, when I decide to do so. :)


Many thanks to those who organised coming out day (I assume some of them are on the list)- the national radio advertising, and adverts in the newspaper gave me courage and comfort. Danke :)

So to any of ye hiding in the closet out there.. at least take a look out, it's NOT as bad as you think it is. Been out in the fresh air and open is terrific :)

Until now, been gay & in the closet had been a thorn in my side, I used listen to the Eurythmics, thorn in my side, and just groan. Now Im listening to Simple Minds - Alive and kicking jumpin around the place like a mad thing :)


Ron (free as a bird, alive and kicking, large as life, twice as ugly!:)


PS: Im not an alcoholic.. ;)

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